CitySlicker - The New Album


You can now buy CitySlicker on Bandcamp. Buy it at Bandcamp before the actual release date on September 5th. Note that 1.00$ from each album sale, digital or hard copy, will be sent to a leukaemia charity foundation. More info will follow shortly.


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Critical Cirkus on The Independent Music Show


Critical Cirkus will be featured on the The Independent Music Show. Here is all the info:


Playlist for Show-Date Week

Saturday 30th May 2015 till 06th June 2015.

Syndicated Broadcast on 700+ International Radio Stations

Tune in & listen On Demand With....

The College Underground Radio Network | FaceBook & Twitter


The Critical Cirkus section/page


'The Independent Music Show' does exactly what it says on the tin. Plays the Independent Music of artists and writers from All Over The World. 'The Independent Music Show' features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the Listener would like to hear. Sure you will hear some Mainstream Music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who’s on Big Budget Production and who isn’t…because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the Mainstream.

Deceiver - Video


The video for the first single Deceiver is now available. We are very proud to present an animated music video that matches the song and its story.

Critical Cirkus on the radio

Tune in to these rock stations to hear Critical Cirkus singles from the forthcoming album CitySlicker. The list of radio stations will be continuously updated. You can also check our Twitter and Facebook account for the most recent information. All info will be posted there including specific dates and times. Remember without your support we are in Critical condition.

We are now live on PANDORA

Just go to Pandora create your own Critical Cirkus station and listen to us and other great artist.


You can hear and then buy the CITYSLICKER album for only a dollar!


D.O.A Video

Picture from new D.O.A. video

Here is a slight preview from the upcoming D.O.A. video. You can expect another splashing cartoon character filled rock video from Critical Cirkus, a natural follow up the Deceiver video. The video will be post on the webpage as well as on YouTube and social media.

In the meantime take a listen to the new album CitySlicker, available as download and for streaming. See a full list of sources and stores here.

Interview and CitySlicker on the Radio

Listen to www.Aiirdio.net, DJ Yorkie on Sunday 15th. There will be an interview with Roux’d at 7pm UK time. You don’t want to miss this one.

Also CitySlicker will be played in its full uncut and unedited version on September 5th at 7.30 UK time at the DJ Yorkie show. Tune in here. Don’t forget to support Aiiradio and all other great stations playing our tunes.

Buy CitySlicker on Bandcamp

You can now buy CitySlicker on Bandcamp. Buy it here before the actual release date on September 5th. Immediate download of 15-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

The exclusive starting bid is at 2.00$. Note that 1.00$ from each album sale, digital or hard copy, will be sent to a leukaemia charity foundation. More info will follow shortly.

First CitySlicker review - Vegas Seven

We’re proud to present the first review for our upcoming album. CitySlicker got some great critique in Vegas Seven. Jarret Keene writes:

“If you cherish loud music made the old way, this new stuff should clear your atrophied sinuses.”

With those well-described words Keene gave the album four out of five stars! All reviews will be posted in a separate review section. When there is new review coming in you can also find it in the news section.

Newtrack’s Bands

Critical Cirkus are to be played in the game Bands. Click on one of the following links in order to download the app and start playing. Don’t forget your ears open for some Critical Cirkus. Thanks to CO-founder Daniel Bock for including us.

Bands is the next generation Music Game coming to Facebook and mobile devices. Start your very own Band, play Shows, gain Fans, travel the World and become a Superstar. 

Bands combines casual gaming with music in a new, unique and revolutionary way.

New interview with Roux’d in Warped Magazine

Read a brand new interview with Roux’d in Warped Magazine. Roux’d talks about the forthcoming album CitySlicker and the first single Deceiver as well as the history of the band, career challenges, the music business and much more.

When we got more interviews as well as reviews they will be collected and published in a common section. More info to follow.

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